Our partner photographers, Christina and Alejandro had an amazing time with Alyssa and Steven for their wedding up in Beaufort, North Carolina!

Their Story:

Alyssa and Steven met playing Dungeons and Dragons at a local game store.

The Proposal: 

After a week of very stressful moving, Steven and Alyssa talked about how they just wanted to relax and have a nice night out. On January 31st, Steven asked Alyssa to get dressed up because he wanted to give her that night out. It was very cold, but he drove her to the bridge where they had walked on their first “official” date and he said to Alyssa “you know I’m terrible at ending stories, but” then he got on one knee, “I’m pretty good at starting new ones. Alyssa Filchuk will you marry me?” and she said “of course!”