Citlalmina and Chase were the most gorgeous couple to photograph, despite all of the crazy weather conditions we all faced on the top of the Cliffs. It truly made it for the most memorable images and we are so thrilled they chose Christina and Alejandro to capture their perfect day.

Their Story:
Citlalmina and Chase met at her place of employment (a Mexican restaurant). He began to go on a regular basis every Saturday and at first, wouldn’t talk much to her but began picking on her as time went by. She would pick on him too but she had the intentions of being the one with the last word. He always seemed to grin after she would say something which was very attractive. One evening, one of his church/family friends had asked Citlalmina if she was single and after she responded with a no, she¬†gave her a rolled-up paper, which seemed like a check. To her surprise, when she unrolled it, it had his name and number written on it. Citlalmina decided to contact Chase that night through text, “If you wanted to give me your number, you should have given it to me yourself.” That is where they began!

The Proposal:

Chase’s Version: 8 years ago on the Friday before Memorial Day I gave my notice to leave a job that I thought was going to be my career for the rest of my life, but God had other plans for me to open my own agency. So that following Sunday in 2013 I went over to Fontana for the first time to ride the Tail of the Dragon as a celebration of this new chapter in my life. Since then I have gone over every Memorial weekend to celebrate what God has done for me in my life. Because we are to always thank him for what he has done for us and where he has brought us from! So this year marks the 8th year of the agency and the blessings of the New Chapter that he opened in my life. In the Bible the number 8 symbolizes creation and news beginnings which is VERY IMPORTANT! So as I went over this year as I always do EVERY YEAR to thank God for what he started 8 years ago and continues to do. BUT this year GOD’S plan was to start a new chapter in my life on the same Sunday on Memorial weekend 8 years after the very first trip in which 8 means new beginnings!

Citlalmina’s Version: Chase surprised me with the most touching proposal. He sat by me on a small rock wall and began asking me what I knew about the number 8, I had no idea and after giving me some pondering time, he began telling me the story about this being the 8th year of him going to Fontana. I had no idea why his voice was so shaky, I thought he was just emotional about being able to open his business 8 years ago. Then all of a sudden, he got down on his knee and asked me if I would be willing to begin a new chapter with him. I immediately said, “Don’t play with me!” as I covered my face. I eventually said yes.


Vendor Details:
Ceremony Venue: Cliffs at Glassy Chapel
Reception Venue: The Venue at Rose Springs Farm
Wedding Cake: Kathy & Company
DJ: Carolina Party Professionals
Catering: Three Oaks Cafe and Catering