Mary Beth and Chad had the perfect day at Lions Gate Manor. The sun shined through the trees and created fairytale moments throughout the entire day.

Their Story:
After marriages for each of both Mary Beth and Chad, 4 children, and break ups, they met through social media as mutual friends of Chad’s elderly uncle with whom Mary Beth used to work with. Chad’s uncle reached out to Mary Beth after Chad told him of an interest he had in her and how he wanted to get to know Mary Beth. Chad’s uncle told her of how he thought it would be a perfect match knowing both of their histories and he couldn’t have been more right. In less than a year, they have grown to know each other, love each other, and compliment each other in ways most people only achieve after a lifetime of marriage.

The Proposal:
A weekend out of town for Chad’s nieces wedding, 2 months of secret planning to surprise Mary Beth, and some photo ops, and the Sunday morning before they left (Mary Beth’s birthday) they stopped at the local train station to grab some photo shots with Chad’s oldest son and his wife. Right there on the railroad tracks, Chad caught Mary Beth completely off guard, telling her of his love, how he has waited a lifetime for her, and asking Mary Beth to be his wife— she said yes!

Vendor Details:
Venue: Lions Gate Manor
Caterer: Holmes Catering
Florist: Mill Street Florist
Wedding Cake: Publix