Kelli and Rhett had a great time at their lakefront wedding at McFall’s Landing!

How They Met:

Kelli and Rhett met at Frontier School of the Bible in LaGrange, WY during Kelli’s freshman year of school there. Rhett came to visit his brother who was also a student there and they met. Rhett ended up coming as a student the next semester and they became best friends.

Proposal Story:

Kelli and Rhett went to go visit some of Rhett’s family in Colorado. They visited this little mountain town called Ouray and went hiking to find a small waterfall. They found the waterfall and actually were able to climb up behind it and to the other side. Kelli and Rhett took pictures with his family and then all the couples. It got to be their turn and he told Kelli to face the other way to do a funny pose and then (confused), she turned around to face him and he was down on one ring and popped the question! It was a complete surprise!


McFall’s Landing