Oldfield River Club Wedding Photos of Kaitlyn and Thomas’ Wedding. Wedding Photos by Noveli Wedding Photography

A long long time ago, we photographed Sally Kate and Jordan's Wedding and because of this we were introduced to Katilyn (her and Jordan are co-workers) and man are we glad that happened. Kaitlyn and Thomas are a blast to be around and the fact they got married in Hilton Head, made it even better! Stephen and I try to make I there at least twice a year because of all the beach towns we have ever visited, it is truly our fave.

The day of the Wedding, Kaitlyn was ALL smiles. But before we continue on with the Wedding Day, let's go back to how they met…

We have what could be thought of as a modern meeting story, as we were introduced to

each other through our careers at Target, where we had the opportunity to briefly work in

the same store. Timing being what it is and the Retail Management requiring the mobility

that it does, our job assignments changed, and we were only connected through our social

networks and thus only sporadically in contact with one another.

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