Our partner photographers, Christina and Alejandro, had such a wonderful time with Leslie and Matthew while capturing their big day!

Their Story:

Matthew worked for the developer of the community where Leslie was the Fitness Director/Personal Trainer at and he would work out in the gym in the mornings. They knew each other for a while and would always small talk when Matthew was in the gym with his buddy Ryan. Eventually fate put Leslie back on the market and she decided to initiate more because she was so intrigued by Matthew’s southern charm, fun personality, and humble confidence. It didn’t take long before they were both head over heels and now almost 2 years later here they are getting married!

The Proposal:

Leslie and Matthew were in Richmond, Virginia (“Virginia is for lovers”) for their best friends wedding at the end of September. They had just bought a house in July so she was not expecting Matthew to propose whatsoever. The day after the wedding, Matthew really wanted to go exploring, but Leslie’s best friends things had gotten left behind at the venue from the wedding the night before. Leslie told Matthew she didn’t think they would have time to go exploring before they had to meet everyone at the rooftop party to celebrate the newly weds. Matthew was very upset. They ended up getting their things back in time and started to explore. He had this specific place he found online that was supposed to be an awesome view, but it was a little bit of a hike. This was not unlike Matthew and he knows Leslie loves a good hike, so she still was not skeptical at all. The only thing that surprised her was how Kay and Dustin were actually tagging along still and not complaining about the hike (haha). They finally got there and you could not see much of the view because they hadn’t landscaped in who knows how long. Leslie asked what they were doing and they all replied that they should just relax for a minute. The random people finally left the bench view and Matthew asked Kay if she would take a picture of them. As they stood taking the picture, Leslie noticed Matthew was shaking uncontrollably. She turned and asked why he was shaking so bad and he instantly dropped down to one knee and popped the question. She obviously said yes! 🙂


Venue: Sawyer Family Farmstead